Day 1

It was time to take advantage of my US$ 1000 flight voucher from my last trip abroad, so here I found myself at the airport again, jumping onto a United plane. Destination Los Angeles. 13 Hours later we touched down with the softest landing I have ever had. It was very foggy. Could hardly see the wing. So how could the pilot see the ground? (I would rather not think about that one)

Through immigration and customs without the usual 20 questions and third degree. As I arrived at the carousel my bag was already there. Called the hotel for the shuttle bus and they said that one was already on its way. It turned up 3 minutes later. Have I got this travelling thing down pat or what. Then with the arvo to kill I booked a half-day city tour, and the Magic Mountain tour for the next day.

They finally turned up and I went to see the sights. We stopped off at Fisherman's Village at Marina Del Ray, Venice beach, saw lots of nice roofs as we drive through The Ritzy area of Beverley Hills. Drove down through West Hollywood and Sunset Strip. Also stopped at Manns Chinese Theatre and studied the famous hand prints in the cement. Looked at a few stars on the walk of fame. We finished the tour and headed back to the hotel via downtown. We passed the Staple Centre, home of the LA Kings (ice hockey side). There was a game on, Bugger. Information that would have been useful before hand. Oh well.

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