Day 10

We got off to an early start today to head of to Colorado to get to Mesa Verdi early, so we could get tickets to a ranger guided tour. We drove through the park, which had recently been the victim of a rather large wild fire. Some sections of the park were closed. Although we were lucky enough to see some wild life, Wild Turkeys, no not the drink but that would have been nice as well. We got there quick enough and had some time to spare. So we checked out the museum and Spruce Tree ruins. It was really cool. We were able to go down into a Kiva, an underground ceremony room that just has a small access hole in the roof. It was kinda eerie, but very interesting. The ruins were still in fairly good shape. If I built a house, it definitely would not look that good in 1000 years. As usual it was very cold, but we should have been getting used to that by now.

After lunch we had our ranger guided tour of Cliff house ruins, the largest ruins in the park. The guide was excellent and very informative. Telling us about the Indian culture and their beliefs about life and where it came from. His stories stirred deep thought and contemplation. I can tell you that I walked away having a total different view of the Indian ways.

Due to the cold weather and the fact that it was not going to get any warmer. The call was made to go the cabins. We had to eat dinner out side and that was cold enough. We played volley ball (real smart in freezing conditions) in this paddock, which had obviously been used by some cows. So we had to ensure that we dodged all of that evidence though the game. Luckily no one had a close encounter of the turd kind. We chilled for the evening, watching videos in the hall and the odd game of foosball. How could I be winning 4-0 and loose 5-4. Nice comeback Wouter.

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