Day 11

Yet another early start, this time off to Monument Valley. As we were coming into the area we had to stop at a real famous bit of road. The place that Forrest finally stopped running. So we did the tacky tourist thing, out with the cameras. We then stopped at a little market area with many little Indian artefact stalls. I bought some Dream catches and some bracelets. We got to the visitors centre, which gave us a great view of the valley, in particular the Mittens and Butte Mesa.

We payed our cash and jumped on the back of a jeep for our valley tour, with a Naveho guide. James kindly lent out some of his warm stuff, this becomes very important later on : ) Our guide took us around the valley, stopping several times to point out the highlights. We stopped at a Hogan, a native Indian dwelling. We saw both the male and female versions and learnt the reasons and uses for both. We went inside and meet a famous Indian rug maker. It was a bit surreal, but yet another learning experience. We stopped at a place called the Suns Eye, where he showed us some petroglyphs and performed a Pow Wow, with his musical instruments that he bought. It was a very moving occasion, especially coupled with the things that I had learnt in the previous days. By the time we had finished this, the sun had gone down and was getting cold. as we drove back to the camp, the jeep had an open back. It got colder and colder. Then when we thought it was as cold as it could get. It actually got colder. We all huddled up together and this is where James warm clothes surly saved certain parts of mine and Wouters bodies. If you have not guessed it was so cold we thought we were not going to make it.

Back at the hall we met the others and defrosted over dinner and some much cherished tea. After dinner we were treated to some native dancing which was interesting. As the weather was cold and wet we chose to go some indoor accommodation again. So a Naveho guide took us down to our accommodation for the night. It was very dark and I had no idea where we were. It ended up being a very large Hogan. As there was not too much to do we decorated the van for Halloween celebrations after unsuccessfully looking for a loo in the dark. We chilled out in the van and had a few drinks. The weather had turned sour and it was pissing down. Toilet breaks turned into a shower. This was a close to a shower as we were going to get here (no facilities here), but fun was had.

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