Day 12

We woke and walked outside to find that we were actually sleeping in the middle of the valley. The views were priceless and will not be forgotten in a long time. The tops of the formations were sprinkled in snow, which really put the icing on the cake, so to speak. The sun was out and lit up the mesas in stunning colours. Pancakes for breaky and we finally found the toilet, (if you could call it that. A hole in the ground and a seat). We packed the van and unwantingly said farewell to the Hogan. We got back up to the visitors centre, which was next to our campground. Good call the Hogan was as we would have got well and truly covered in snow. So as usual when there is snow around, balls get thrown. James was kind enough to act as a target.

Then it was time to head off to Canyon De Chelly. We arrived at the visitors centre and some of us huddled around the fire. We watched a video and the went to our camp site. We found that we were again without showers. Well at least we would all stink together. We set up camp and went off to the Canyon for a small hike into the canyon. As we were half way down it started to snow on us again. I love hiking in the snow : ) No, actually I do like it. We walked across the canyon floor to some more ruins. The White House Ruins. It was pretty cool as the walls of the canyon added to the spectacular, not as good as Mesa Verdi. But the canyon was a spectacular sight on its own. It snowed again on the way up. We took a drive around and stopped to look at spider rock in a different part of the canyon. We could also see allot more of the smaller cliff dwellings.

It was our turn to cook so we made Aussie burgers (with Beetroot). Cooking in the freezing cold was less than fun. We needed to warm up so we played some frisby in the dark (another smart move with cold hands). As it was Halloween, Zuzana and Kati carved out the pumpkin we had bought. It looked pretty cool in the end. Ended up with four in the tent due to extreme cold. As we were about to go to bed it started snowing real hard. No cabins to save us tonight. I was so glad I got a new warmer sleeping bag for this trek.

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