Day 14

Got up to "sphincters and milk", a charming analogy from someone, (guess who) for cheerios. But when you look at them........ Today was our hiking day in the Grand Canyon. We decided to take on the Bright angel trail and planned to go down to Plateau point. This is the same hike that I did in the westerner 2, so I knew what we were getting ourselves in for, so why did I say yes ?

It was a 20 km round trip. Descending 1 km in altitude and them coming back up again. The top of the trail had a bit of snow and ice. but the rest of the trail was fairly wet. Wether it was from rain or the countless donkeys that rode the trail, I did not really want to know. I think it was a bit of both. The size of the place was a lot bigger than I remember. I suppose it is hard to believe something could be so big in your memory. We got down to the point and had a little bit of a party and a bite to eat. The views were well worth the walk. Now for the fun part getting our sorry asses out of the canyon. Well I did it a bit tough in the later stages of the climb, but I only had myself to blame as I ate no where near the amount that I should have. You would have though I would have learnt that by now. But as I am sitting here typing this you can guess that I made it out. We sat around and waited for the shuttle to front up. We made it back to the van a little late, oops.

We jumped in the van and drove off to an area of the canyon to watch the sunset. It was real cold and I was caught out in shorts again. As we were dodging the five hundred tourists we spotted a bald eagle flying across the canyon. I had left my large lens in the van. Poor form, no lens and shorts. But we did see a couple of elk. We went to see the Imax about the canyon and then all went to the pizza place for dinner. 4 were ordered and quickly inhaled by the hungry hikers. So a 5th was ordered and dispatched along the same path. A few drinks and more chilling out after a long day before bed.

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