Day 16

Made it down to the van for a 9:00 departure, only just. Today was to be our final day in the wan. It was a fairly long day in the wan as well. Our destination was LA. We did stop for lunch to get a last chance of fresh air. Wouter and I nearly choked when Liddy went mad with the mustard. Some looks are just priceless : )

We hit LA and it was the clearest I have ever seen it. It was like a normal city. We did the Manns Chinese theatre thing. As I had been here two weeks before hand and had more important issues to deal with I went in search for a rest room, and found one !! We then drove up to Mulholand drive and stopped at the overlook. It was impressive as you could see for miles and miles. You could even see the ocean, Ahh the Pacific. We said our thanks to James for a wonderful and fun trek. Then for the worse part of the trek, we dropped Sally and Lid off at a their hostel before returning to the Hacienda.

Most of us went to dinner at the restaurant were it all began. As time went by we said our farewells to people as they went on their way. It was definitely the saddest part of the trek. Saying farewell to good friends and great people. By 9:00 they were all gone bar two. That was a very quick end to a great trek. So the two of us sat down and relaxed to a bottle of wine before calling it a night.

Day 17

Today was more or less a recovery day from the trek, to relax and recharge the batteries a bit. We had lunch and went for a walk down to LAX to get some of that lovely LA air in our lungs. Got to love the taste of Carbon Monoxide. We sat down to a late arvo drink of some good Australian Chardonnay in the courtyard. The thought of staying a bit longer and travelling with Zuz had been in my mind and at that point I decided to give it a go. So I jumped on the phone and made a few phone calls and about 45 minutes later my travel plans had made a severe turn to the north east, and the rest is history. To see what happened next you will have to go Here.

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