Day 2

Today was one I had been looking forward to for quite a while. I was going back to Six Flags - Magic Mountain to tame those roller coasters. So I went out to the foyer for a 9:10 pickup. 15 Minutes later no-one had turned up so I asked to dude what gives. He said that they had turned up and they could not find me. Well if was any closer they would have tripped over me. Obviously they did not look very hard.

So there I was up that most famous creek without a paddle. Now that I missed the tour I had to quickly devise a plan B. The light went on straight away. Hire a car and drive out there. (obviously I was not thinking straight, hire a car in LA) I walked over to the desk to get a car. They had one waiting so they drove me over to the depot and I filled out all the required forms and signed my life away in blood. The dude drew a very vague mud map that could have got me to Vegas as well and sent me on my way. Well I did not get lost and made it to Magic Mountain.. Ironically it was cheaper to hire the car and buy the ticket than the price of the tour.

The amusement park was fully decked out in her Halloween dress. Spiders, cobwebs and pumpkins everywhere. The place was also packed to the rafters. At least 45 minutes to line up for a ride. The favourite of the day was riddlers revenge. A stand up coaster that goes upside down 6 times and pulls a maximum of 4.5 G. Boy now that was an experience. Trying to keep the legs straight was a task indeed. I also went on all the other high speed, high G Force coasters for my adrenilin fix. It was a good day, but way too many people.

So then came the hard part. Finding the car in the carpark. Luckily they write the number plate on the key ring. Then for my next challenge, getting the car back to the hotel. It was easy on the way up, I just followed the signs to Magic Mountain. No signs back to the Hacienda Hotel. In the end not one U-Turn was required and the force got me home safely. Then I relaxed and waited for the trek Howdy. With my room mate Wouter we rocked on down to discover that we were the only guys on the tour, Bummer. It was a full tour of 13. We went down to this little place to eat dinner and get acquainted. It was a good night. Had a few beer and plenty of laughs. Looked like being yet another great trek.

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