Day 5

Today it was back into the van and off to Bryce Canyon. We drove through the rest of Zion NP, through a mile long tunnel. The scenery on the other side of the tunnel was cool. The fall colours were a bit more predominant. I even fluked a photo getting a bright red tree. We even came across a heard of Buffalo, so out we jumped. Click, click. Wouter snagged a photo of Buffalos doing what buffalos do : ) As we got closer to Bryce we could see snow covered mountains in the distance and by the time we stopped just outside the park here was a lot of snow around. So that early call for cold weather clothing looked a good one. As we drove into the park it was snowing.

We arrived at Sunset point (8000ft) to a carpet of snow. It was cool, and of course snow balls were thrown. The view of Bryce canyon was absolutely breathtaking. One of the most beautiful places I had seen. Then back into the van up to Bryce point (8500ft). We were going to hike back 5 miles to Sunset point through the canyon. It was snowing pretty heavy when we started. The trail was real muddy and pretty slippery, although no one took a tumble. The view along the way was indescribable. Every corner you turned took your breath away. We all took lots, no tonnes of photos, including the infamous "horse shit" photos. The rock formations and colours were an orgasm for the eyes. Mother nature at her best. So 3 hours 15 minutes later we were back at Sunset point after having way too much fun on the hike. We piled back in the van after all cleaning our boots, pity the poor van cleaners : )

Now we were off to our next stop, Boulder Mountain ranch. In the middle of nowhere in Utah. The group had 3 cabins. So us two guys got downstairs in one and 4 girls got the little attic above us. At least we did not hit our heads on the roof. We ate a beautiful home cooked meal in the main house and chilled with another group. Then back to the cabin, got the fire going and we decided to sit outside and watch the stars. It was a wonderful clear nite and there were many a star out to play. As we sat every now and then we would hear an "Ahhhhh" as a shooting star streaked across the sky. We saw many, many shooting stars that night. It was incredible. Guess what, it was also cold. We went to get some cups from under the tarp. We got up there and the tarp was nice and stiff, covered in ice.

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