Day 8

Woke up the next morning and I must say that I felt less then fit, but at least there was a reason for it. Today we were going to get real active and go on a nice long mountain bike ride. We rocked up to the bike place and were driven up to the top of the Gemini Bridges trail and after receiving our bikes, were given a few pointers on how to and how not to ride to ensure that no one ate any dust. The bike had front suspension and were a shit load of fun to ride. I gotta get me one of these : )

The ride was mostly dirt track with a bit of technical stuff. When the weight was distributed properly, we could easily tame parts of the trails that we thought were no go zones. We stopped at a place called Gemini bridges. It is two bridges side by side (as if you would not have guessed that) It also over looked a nice valley and had us all standing unknowingly on a huge overhang. We continued on down the road. By the end I had a sore butt and was buggered, but that is what I get for taking on the Gentleman.

Spent some time after lunch cruising the town and doing some emailing. Then we went up to a place called dead horse point to check out the view and have some tucker. It looked out over CanyonLands National Park and was very impressive. The lighting of the low sun made the shapes of the canyon really stand out as the snow covered La Sals mountains were in the background. We stayed up there to cook Chilli Dogs (Yum) and it got real cold, real quick up there. At least the dogs kept us warm.

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